Look For a Functional Area

Having an excellent location for your future apartment is essential. Living in an area with a right traffic intersection or next to the metro in a big city is much more important than being closer to the center. But if you do not like noisy areas, you need to navigate according to your lifestyle.

Find Out What Kind of House It Is

Which house is more qualitative – brick, monolithic-frame, panel? By the difference in technology and materials, you can write a lot of articles, I’ll tell you about the core.

  • Panel houses – the most budget option. Not very warm, do not have good sound insulation, weak at the seams and joints. However, they are quickly built and have the freest price: until now, half of the country lives in Soviet “panels.”
  • Brick is the most environmentally friendly and reliable option. It keeps the heat well and provides a microclimate in the room. But only from block many-storeyed houses now almost do not build.
  • Frame-monolithic technology – the most durable, it is used even in skyscrapers. With its help, rooms without partitions and curvilinear structures are created. In such houses, it is also much easier to do large-scale re-planning during repair. The walls with this technology can be made of brick, gas, foam or even slag blocks: see the material in each case.

Choose a Comfortable Floor

Identify with the level is sometimes not so simple. From the advantages of the upper floors (especially in modern high-rise buildings), one can distinguish the relative purity of air, the almost total absence of street noise and mosquitoes. And of course – a panoramic view. However, there are disadvantages too: even in new homes there can be problems with the roof, in the panel houses it will be boiling in the warm season, and in case of problems with electricity and elevators, do not walk down and up.

Do not buy an apartment with repair

The cost of an apartment with a replacement is much higher than without it (often more than 50%). But expensive does not mean high quality: the materials can be far from right, and the color palette – from your preferences. Such repairs will only annoy.

Be careful – despite the appearance of a good finish; such repairs can conceal a lot of surprises, such as mold under beautiful wallpaper, rotten pipes, poor quality sanitary ware and so on.