How To Choose An Apartment To Buy

To correctly select an apartment for purchase, you need to decide on your goals and priorities. Our expert, designer Tatyana Zaitseva has prepared eight useful tips for those who are already in the processor is about to start their first choice of the apartment to buy …

Decide On the Solvency

In most cases, a person is first determined with the amount that he can spend (taking into account taxes and other mandatory payments), and then he begins to look for suitable options.

However, a murdered one-bedroom apartment in the center, a three-roomed apartment in a residential area and a two-bedroom apartment in a new building can have almost the same price. Therefore, choosing between them, they will have to rely not only on their value.

Formulate the Primary Purpose Of The Purchase

Do you need a home for a family or is it just an investment in real estate? Make the right choice is essential not only in the first case but for those people who want to choose an apartment for rent. If you’re going to invest – choose between the cheapest and the most expensive options. Perhaps, the cheapest is even preferable – because budgetary odnushki will always be in demand!

Board number 3: apartment in a new building or on the secondary housing

The bottom line is that these are two entirely different markets and ways of living. Naturally, each of them has both pluses and minuses.

A more popular option is to buy an apartment in a new building. This is due to its more modern layout and comfort: new engineering networks, video surveillance, convenient location and home territory and so on. Also, the housing in new buildings is higher regarding terms of operation, and the apartment can be bought without repair, not more expensive than about the same in the secondary market.

Naturally, the new building has its disadvantages: expensive repairs are to be carried out both in your apartment and neighbors, public transport in new areas goes badly or is hammered continuously, there is still not so much needed school, kindergarten, shops, and services nearby. And yet, it’s important to remember the risk – buying an apartment in the process of building a house, you can run into a potential destroy, especially if the developer is little known – the construction of this can last for years, without end.