How To Buy And Sell A House And Land

Each of us dreams of his own home with a plot of land located in a picturesque corner of our country. Ukrainians often on the last savings buy the desired property, but in parallel with this risk to stay with nothing. Buying and selling real estate is a complicated procedure that can bring a lot of trouble to the bargain participants. About all its subtleties as of today, the readers of the SuperDom website are told by our expert – a lawyer of the company Juscutum.

Buying A House And An Apartment: Bargaining Is Appropriate

A deal on the acquisition of a home with a land plot must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, and also following the advice of lawyers and notaries involved in its conduct, then the result will be positive for both the seller and the buyer. To begin with, you need to decide on the form in which the real estate purchase and sale transaction should take place. In accordance with Article 657 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the contract of sale of a land plot, a single property complex, a dwelling house (apartment) or other immovable property is concluded in writing and is subject to notarization (except for contracts of sale and purchase of property in a tax bond) .The procedure for certifying the purchase and sale of real estate contracts by notaries is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Notary” and Order No. 296 “On Approving the Procedure for Notarial Actions by Notaries of Ukraine.” By Article 42 of the Law above, notarial acts are performed after their payment, as well as after paying to the state budget the tax on personal income and on the day of filing all necessary documents.

There Are Two Types Of Contracts For The Sale Of Real Estate – Preliminary And Essential.

The purpose of the preliminary contract is to record the fact of an agreement on the purchase and sale of real estate between specific persons. Also, the initial deal in writing marks the point of making part of the amount (deposit), since it will be impossible to return the money without documentary confirmation in case of cancellation of the transaction.

Making out the preliminary contract, the parties should also indicate in it the nuances of the agreement, namely:

  • The price, about which the agreement was reached;
  • The amount of mandatory payment (deposit);
  • The actions of the parties in the event of termination of this contract – the refusal to purchase or sell and the order of return of the deposit;