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Also, often the plan that you receive in the sales department before or when buying an apartment is different from reality: in the most unexpected places suddenly there are some columns or ventilation ducts. To avoid such surprises, ask to show you the ready-made first floors of the house.

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How To Buy And Sell A House And Land

Each of us dreams of his own home with a plot of land located in a picturesque corner of our country. Ukrainians often on the last savings buy the desired property, but in parallel with this risk to stay with nothing. Buying and selling real estate is a complicated procedure that can bring a lot of trouble to the bargain participants. About all its subtleties as of today, the readers of the SuperDom website are told by our expert – a lawyer of the company Juscutum.

Buying A House And An Apartment: Bargaining Is Appropriate

A deal on the acquisition of a home with a land plot must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, and also following the advice of lawyers and notaries involved in its conduct, then the result will be positive for both the seller and the buyer. To begin with, you need to decide on the form in which the real estate purchase and sale transaction should take place. In accordance with Article 657 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the contract of sale of a land plot, a single property complex, a dwelling house (apartment) or other immovable property is concluded in writing and is subject to notarization (except for contracts of sale and purchase of property in a tax bond) .The procedure for certifying the purchase and sale of real estate contracts by notaries is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Notary” and Order No. 296 “On Approving the Procedure for Notarial Actions by Notaries of Ukraine.” By Article 42 of the Law above, notarial acts are performed after their payment, as well as after paying to the state budget the tax on personal income and on the day of filing all necessary documents.

There Are Two Types Of Contracts For The Sale Of Real Estate – Preliminary And Essential.

The purpose of the preliminary contract is to record the fact of an agreement on the purchase and sale of real estate between specific persons. Also, the initial deal in writing marks the point of making part of the amount (deposit), since it will be impossible to return the money without documentary confirmation in case of cancellation of the transaction.

Making out the preliminary contract, the parties should also indicate in it the nuances of the agreement, namely:

  • The price, about which the agreement was reached;
  • The amount of mandatory payment (deposit);
  • The actions of the parties in the event of termination of this contract – the refusal to purchase or sell and the order of return of the deposit;

Selling Your Home As-Is


selling your home as-is

Investing your money in real estate is one of the best investments one can ever consider. However, there are times when you buy a house, and suddenly you don’t feel like staying in it. Many reasons can be accountable for that. If you’re gratified with your old house, there are chances that you might feel the need to sell your home as-is. Or maybe if you don’t have enough money to invest in the house items, you think of selling the house.

Here are some commendable ways for selling your house as is:

Contact a House-Buying Company

There are many businesses out there that specialize in buying homes as they are without you having to do anything except move your stuff out. These companies handle everything else so you don’t have to. They will often provide meet with you around your schedule and make an offer within a few days. All you have to do is be there to show them the house and answer “yes” or “no” to the offer. They handle everything else. You can find these businesses online with searches such as “We buy houses in Fresno” or “Sell my house fast Boston”. Just perform your due diligence and research these companies first.

If you’re not interested in going that route, please read on for more helpful tips.

selling your house as-isThink of Rectifying the Faults First

If you have decided not to stay in the new house, there’s obviously something wrong with it. You might consider correcting it in just the right ways, so as to hide it from the eyes of the buyers – as long as doing so isn’t covering up faults that you are required by law to reveal. Once you’ve accomplished that, hardly any issues will be faced while selling the house. Understand the fine details of the house and correct each one of them for an imminent sale and deal.

Keep the House Neat, Tidy and Appealing

Cleanliness is the basic thing that buyers look for while buying a house. If the house isn’t properly clean, it’s a big turn-off for the buyer. In order to get reasonable home prices and get attract appropriate buyers, it’s recommended to keep your house as neat as possible. When someone is buying a house as-is, they are already on mild alert, so you can set their mind at ease a bit by at least making the house look presentable.

Explore all the Houses that Might be Your Competition

Next thing that needs to be done is to explore the available options on the web that match your house. Search for the features possessed by these similar real estates and think of something better than them. Once you get an idea of the things that can be added to make your house without too much cost or effort, you can make your as-is house look a lot better on paper.

Keep yourself Motivated, Ignore the Lowball Deals

Getting deals from investors, dealers and realtors that are much lower than what you expect to get is a common thing. While selling your house as is, you must know that there will be people who discredit your property and ask you to lower the price to unprofitable levels. But, you need to be motivated enough and keep searching for a deal that satisfies your needs.

How To Choose An Apartment To Buy

To correctly select an apartment for purchase, you need to decide on your goals and priorities. Our expert, designer Tatyana Zaitseva has prepared eight useful tips for those who are already in the processor is about to start their first choice of the apartment to buy …

Decide On the Solvency

In most cases, a person is first determined with the amount that he can spend (taking into account taxes and other mandatory payments), and then he begins to look for suitable options.

However, a murdered one-bedroom apartment in the center, a three-roomed apartment in a residential area and a two-bedroom apartment in a new building can have almost the same price. Therefore, choosing between them, they will have to rely not only on their value.

Formulate the Primary Purpose Of The Purchase

Do you need a home for a family or is it just an investment in real estate? Make the right choice is essential not only in the first case but for those people who want to choose an apartment for rent. If you’re going to invest – choose between the cheapest and the most expensive options. Perhaps, the cheapest is even preferable – because budgetary odnushki will always be in demand!

Board number 3: apartment in a new building or on the secondary housing

The bottom line is that these are two entirely different markets and ways of living. Naturally, each of them has both pluses and minuses.

A more popular option is to buy an apartment in a new building. This is due to its more modern layout and comfort: new engineering networks, video surveillance, convenient location and home territory and so on. Also, the housing in new buildings is higher regarding terms of operation, and the apartment can be bought without repair, not more expensive than about the same in the secondary market.

Naturally, the new building has its disadvantages: expensive repairs are to be carried out both in your apartment and neighbors, public transport in new areas goes badly or is hammered continuously, there is still not so much needed school, kindergarten, shops, and services nearby. And yet, it’s important to remember the risk – buying an apartment in the process of building a house, you can run into a potential destroy, especially if the developer is little known – the construction of this can last for years, without end.

Look For a Functional Area

Having an excellent location for your future apartment is essential. Living in an area with a right traffic intersection or next to the metro in a big city is much more important than being closer to the center. But if you do not like noisy areas, you need to navigate according to your lifestyle.

Find Out What Kind of House It Is

Which house is more qualitative – brick, monolithic-frame, panel? By the difference in technology and materials, you can write a lot of articles, I’ll tell you about the core.

  • Panel houses – the most budget option. Not very warm, do not have good sound insulation, weak at the seams and joints. However, they are quickly built and have the freest price: until now, half of the country lives in Soviet “panels.”
  • Brick is the most environmentally friendly and reliable option. It keeps the heat well and provides a microclimate in the room. But only from block many-storeyed houses now almost do not build.
  • Frame-monolithic technology – the most durable, it is used even in skyscrapers. With its help, rooms without partitions and curvilinear structures are created. In such houses, it is also much easier to do large-scale re-planning during repair. The walls with this technology can be made of brick, gas, foam or even slag blocks: see the material in each case.

Choose a Comfortable Floor

Identify with the level is sometimes not so simple. From the advantages of the upper floors (especially in modern high-rise buildings), one can distinguish the relative purity of air, the almost total absence of street noise and mosquitoes. And of course – a panoramic view. However, there are disadvantages too: even in new homes there can be problems with the roof, in the panel houses it will be boiling in the warm season, and in case of problems with electricity and elevators, do not walk down and up.

Do not buy an apartment with repair

The cost of an apartment with a replacement is much higher than without it (often more than 50%). But expensive does not mean high quality: the materials can be far from right, and the color palette – from your preferences. Such repairs will only annoy.

Be careful – despite the appearance of a good finish; such repairs can conceal a lot of surprises, such as mold under beautiful wallpaper, rotten pipes, poor quality sanitary ware and so on.